About LDS

Lin Der Sheng Canmaking Machinery Co., Ltd., was founded in 1975. We specialized in development and manufacture of "Complete Line Machinery for Irregular Can Manufacturing"

  • Developing Ability and Consistent Operating Advantages

    With over 39 year of accumulated experience and the finest designing engineers, Lin Der Sheng has been capable of accomplishing customers' requests after co-evaluation and drawing of concepts provided by customers. From project planning, manufacturing, installation, to technical guidance and professional after sales service, Lin Der Sheng has earned recognition and a solid reputation from both customers and Piers alike.

  • Innovative Advantages

    In order to achieve the goal of lowering the customers' production costs, improving quality and productivity, the entire company is geared to developing new machinery with every improving can making technology.An example of this are advancements made in technology of spout been pierced directly from top lids and equipment that has considerable lowerd production costs.Our 5 gallon square can is a breakthrough within the can making industry utilizing paneling technology capable for making 3 and 5 paneling bars at corners for both increase stack-up strength and save the material cost.

    For the triple seam of pail can has been well accepted in both America and European markets. In addition our can making technology can be applied to a large range of products allowing us to specialize in various sizes and designs of irregular cookie cans, oil filters, muffler pipes and curl sealed related hardware equipment.

  • Price and Lead Time Advantages

    In addition to improved production technology, we also bear an enterprising spirit committing ourselves to providing customers with the best quality service possible. By providing cost effective equipment, cooperation, punctual lead times, and technical support, Lin Der sheng has once again won customers' satisfaction and trust.

  • Future Perspective

    We fully comprehend the importance of growing with our customers in order to provide win win situation for manufacturer and customers alike. We are able to maintain this balance by striving to lower material costs, without compromising our high standards of quality nor our needs for innovative machines with every increasing production ability. We promise to remain devoted to the design, development and manufacture of quality can making equipment. You are welcome to provide your samples and concepts and we shall do our best to meet your criteria of service. Agents are also welcome to join and work with us for better tomorrow.